Emergency Need in Alabama for All Blood Types

By Melissa Hinds
LifeSouth Development Coordinator

Blood donations have declined and blood usage at local hospitals has increased, causing blood shortages across Alabama. LifeSouth Community Blood Centers urges the community to donate now.

Summer is a difficult time for blood donations, and LifeSouth reports there is an emergency need for blood to help patients in local hospitals. Our local hospitals rely on LifeSouth and LifeSouth blood donors to make sure blood is available before it is needed to help patients suffering from traumas, cancers and chronic illnesses.

It is a great time to become a blood donor and learn your blood type, or for regular blood donors to donate and bring a friend. All donors receive a $20 e-gift card and double red cell and platelet donors receive a $40 e-gift card, and a mini-physical, including blood pressure, temperature, iron level and cholesterol screen.

LifeSouth encourages residents to help in one or more of the following ways:

● Make a blood donation. With only an average 1-2 day supply available, it’s more important now than ever to make sure blood is available for patients. LifeSouth welcomes regular and first-time donors to visit one of its donor centers, or find one of its signature red, white and blue buses to donate at a mobile blood drive.

● Host a blood drive. LifeSouth welcomes the support of businesses, organizations, churches, professional groups and neighborhoods looking for a meaningful way to give back to the community.

● Encourage a first-time donor. With a low percentage of the population annually participating in the blood donation process, the best way to make a difference is to encourage someone to donate with you at one of LifeSouth’s donor centers or blood drives.

For additional information about donation or to find a blood drive near you, call LifeSouth toll-free at 888-795-2707, visit www.lifesouth.org or download the LifeSouth app. Appointments can also be made online.

To host a blood drive, please call Melinda Hinds @ 334-318-8938 or email at mahinds@lifesouth.org.

About LifeSouth:
LifeSouth is a non-profit community blood bank serving more than 150 hospitals in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. LifeSouth is committed to meeting the blood supply needs of hospitals and their patients by providing the highest quality blood components and services. The LifeSouth team is dedicated to making sure the blood is there when a patient is in need. To learn more, visit LifeSouth.org. For more resources and information about blood donation, visit donatingblood.org.