A third of residents vaccinated as COVID cases rise

Published 6:52 pm Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A mutated strain of COVID-19 labeled the Delta variant, which was first discovered in India late last year, is rapidly spreading throughout more than 80 countries. This variant of COVID-19 spreads more easily due to a mutation that allows it to better latch onto your cells. The Delta variant is now responsible for 20 percent of new infections in the U.S. but is rising rapidly.

According to data recently released by the Alabama Department of Public Health, there are currently 21 counties considered in the very high-risk category for the Delta variant, including the

residents of Crenshaw.

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Despite no new COVID-19 related deaths being reported in Crenshaw County since March 20, the spread of the Delta Variant could cause Crenshaw County to begin to see a severe rise in reported cases and deaths caused by COVID-19.

As reported by the ADPH, the state of Alabama has had 27 Delta-variant COVID cases. Four of which were among vaccinated individuals.

Currently, the state of Alabama has recorded over 550,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 11,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

And although a vaccine has been readily available for civilian use for some time, the state of Alabama has the second-lowest percentage of a vaccinated population.

According to data recently published by the ADPH, only 37 percent of the state’s total population have received the vaccine. Due to the vaccine rate for the state, many counties in Alabama have yet to reach a 30 percent vaccination rate.

Despite the grim picture this data paints for the state, Crenshaw County has just managed to achieve a 31 percent vaccination rate. That means that 31 percent of Crenshaw County residents have received at least one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Additionally, the reported number of cases has been on the decline since early January, which saw the most significant number of cases reported.

However, despite the actions taken by the Alabama National Guard and the Crenshaw County Health Department to improve the county’s COVID-19 statistics, residents are still at risk.

The Alabama Department of Public Health encourages residents in very high-risk countries to follow guidelines including social distancing, getting vaccinated, and wearing a mask if you are not vaccinated.

Symptoms of COVID include fever and chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion, nausea, and diarrhea. Anyone with difficulty breathing, persistent chest pain, confusion, inability to stay awake or asleep, or pale, gray, or blue-colored lips should immediately seek medical attention.

If you would like to schedule a vaccination appointment, contact the Crenshaw County Health Department at 334-335-2471