Hall wins Mini Bull-riding World Championship

Enoch Hall, a sixth-grader at Devine Middle School in Devine, Texas, has captured the 2021 Jr. Mini World Bull-riding Champion.

You may be thinking, ‘wow, that is great, but why is it in a paper in Luverne, Alabama?’ Enoch has many local ties to Crenshaw County. His mother, Kasey Mitchell Hall, is a class of 2000 graduate of Brantley High School. Barbara and the late James Mitchell of Brantley are Enoch’s grandparents.

Enoch started riding sheep when he was just three or four. He was born to be a cowboy.

Capturing the reserve World Jr Mini Bull-riding title back in 2020 did not quench the young man’s drive to become a champion.

“I tried over and over again to explain to him how big of an accomplishment that was in such a big event,” Kasey said. “But Enoch was not having it; he would not put that buckle on his belt!”

Since he won the reserve title last December, Enoch has worked tirelessly, physically and mentally, to prepare himself to win the World Champion title.

“Once we started the first round, his mind did not change one bit,” Kasey said. “He opted for three re-rides in the first round until he finally drew a bull that would take him to the round one victory, Kodiak of Vern Kaylor’s.”

During the second round, Enoch was not satisfied with the way his first bull performed. He asked the judges for another re-ride and drew Crazy Eyes of Vern Kaylor’s, the bull he had won the short round on a year before.

Kasey said Enoch was excited when he drew Crazy Eyes, knowing he would give him a chance to place well in the second round if he could get him covered.

Placing in the second round put Enoch in the lead by 2.5 points going into the semi-finals round. (Frogbones)

In the semi-finals round, they take the top 20 kids out of the 56 that were entered.

Enoch drew Fire and Ice of BS Buckers for his ride.

“No one has made it past two jumps on this bull all week, and I have to admit, Dad (TJ Hall) was super nervous, and I watched Enoch sleep all night until it was time to wake him up for the semi-final round,” Kasey said.

True to his previous performance, Fire and Ice knocked Enoch off after five seconds into the ride.

Only three other kids covered their bulls in the semi-finals round. Only one of those kids would move ahead of Enoch by 36 points, going into the short round.

In the short round, Enoch drew another bull that he knew. He had won on Mr. Miagi of Rockin’ n H4 and Cullpepper’s before at the Tejas Rodeo in Bulverde, Texas.

“We knew that if Enoch could stay in the middle and in control that he would have a great chance to move back in the number one spot,” Kasey said. “Enoch did not disappoint; he rode like he was part of the bull; I think the bull could have done a backflip and Enoch would have ridden through it.”

The ride allowed Enoch to win the Short round and average to become the 2021 WCMB World Champion.

“This is an amazing event for these up-and-coming superstars, and I encourage everyone that has any interest in the sport, or just likes to watch, to go follow WCMB (World Champion Mini Bull-riding) on Facebook,” Kasey said. “It is amazing to watch the talent of these kids and the athleticism of these mini Bulls. Congratulations to all of the kids that had success in this event.”

Enoch worked hard and never gave up, and now has the belt buckle he missed out on last year.