Pet of the Week-Waylon

By Haley Mitchell Godwin
“Waylon is my name, taking naps is my game. I love to snuggle, and I always sleep in the bed with my mom, Brianna Taylor of Luverne. My Pepaw and Winnie, Stevie and Windy Taylor, live next door and I love visiting them. I have two sisters, Molly and Marley. We love to play and run around outside.”

Waylon is a 3-year-old long haired miniature dachshund. His mom said that he is definitely a lap dog. Waylon is not a picky eater at all, and his favorite treat is vienna sausages. Waylon can hear very well and perks his ears up at the slightest sound. Waylon loves being outside, playing fetch and he is the apple of his’ mom’s eye.

“Pet of the Week” is sponsored by Crenshaw Animal Clinic and Dr. Gammage of Luverne (334) 335-5309. There will be a quarterly contest between each “Pet of the Week.” The pet with the most likes will be dubbed the winner and their owner will win a prize package from Crenshaw Animal Clinic valued at $150.00.

There will be a contest between all our quarterly winners where the pets will vie for the title of “Crenshaw County Pet of the Year.”

Current quarterly contest ends 07/21/2022.
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