Pet of the Week-Tbone

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

“Howdy! My name is Tbone and I am a Black Mouth Cur and Mastiff mix. I joined my family about five years ago when I was dropped off to fend for myself at only one year old. (Ambien) I am living the good life now thanks to my Dad, Dan Pope of Luverne. I love riding shotgun in my Dad’s truck and getting belly rubs. Peanut butter and milk bones are my favorite things to eat.”

Tbone is a big love bug, weighing in at around 105 pounds, according to his dad Dan Pope. But don’t let his showers of affection fool you, Tbone is also an excellent alarm system. He sleeps on a rug by his parent’s bed but if he hears anything out of the ordinary, Tbone makes sure the entire house is alerted. He is always on guard. 

Tbone does make friends very easily once he realizes he is not dealing with an intruder but rather is enjoying being paid a visit by his parents’ friends. Tbone absolutely loves to ride and knows when his dad is getting ready to leave. However, Tbone is very smart and when his dad tells him “I will be back,” Tbone understands that he is not going to make the trip and accepts that he has to patiently wait for his dad’s return. 

“Pet of the Week” is sponsored by Crenshaw Animal Clinic and Dr. Gammage of Luverne- (334) 335-5309. There will be a quarterly contest between each “Pet of the Week.” The pet with the most likes will be dubbed the winner and their owner will win a prize package from Crenshaw Animal Clinic valued at $150.00. 

At the end of the year there will be a contest between all our quarterly winners where the pets will vie for the title of “Crenshaw County Pet of the Year.”

Current contest ends 07/07/2022. Entries must be submitted by 6 p.m.

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