The Peanut Patch, newest addition to county’s retail landscape

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

A ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house was held May 3 to celebrate the opening of The Peanut Patch gift shop, located within B & B Discount Drugs in Luverne. The event, attended by locals and dignitaries alike, welcomed patrons to explore the new addition to the pharmacy and the unique items located within.

According to Kaitlyn Baxley, a pharmacist overseeing Dalton’s Pharmacy at the Southeast Alabama Rural Health Associates (SARHA) Doctors Center in Troy, The Peanut Patch gift shop helps fill a gap in Crenshaw County, providing diverse shopping options in the wake of other local shop closures. Baxley, who serves as a substitute pharmacist for B & B, discussed how the gift shop came to fruition.

“We were trying to figure out something to do with the space, something to bring to Crenshaw County that citizens would be interested in,” Baxley said. “The Opp store does really well with things like dishware, bridal registries, baby registries and more. A lot of people have been in to get grab-and-go gifts for things like a retirement party or kids dance recitals. We also have some great Mother’s Day gifts that have been flying off the shelves and gifts for Teacher’s Appreciation Week and we also offer gift wrapping.”

Inspired by the rich heritage of Crenshaw County, they named their gift shop after the world famous “World’s Largest Peanut Boil” held annually by the Crenshaw County Alcazar Shrine Club, following a pattern set by their other locations. The Tomato Patch in Slocomb honors the world-famous Slocomb tomatoes, while The Cotton Patch in Opp pays tribute to the Opp/Micolas cottonmill.

While embracing innovation, Baxley reassured patrons that the pharmacy’s name will remain unchanged, preserving the legacy created by its founders, pharmacists Bobbie Bryan Bowers and Glenda Jeffcoat Bryan who opened the establishment in 1987.

“I want people to know that we’re not changing the name of the pharmacy,” Baxley said. “We will never change the name. We want to always celebrate the legacy that Mrs. Bobbie and Mrs. Glenda built and we are very happy to do so.”

Joining Baxley, who substitutes along with working one day a week at the Luverne location, is full time pharmacist Jonathan Ross.
The Luverne pharmacy recently changed hands with new owners Joe Dalton and his son Tyler Dalton, third and fourth generation pharmacists and natives of Slocomb, assuming ownership in October, 2022. The duo has established nine pharmacies, predominantly in southeast and east-central Alabama, with B & B Discount Drugs and The Peanut Patch being their latest endeavor.

Joe Dalton’s dedication to the pharmacy industry and community welfare is evident in his active involvement with the Alabama Pharmacy Association and various pharmacy-related boards. His advocacy for independent pharmacies and small businesses underscores his passion for supporting local economies and fostering community well-being.

“Our aim is to reach underserved areas, preserve small mom and pop pharmacies and support local communities,” Joe said.

Tyler received his pharmacy doctorate in 2016 and is the seventh Dalton family member to be a pharmacist, including his mother, Jodi, who is a community pharmacist in Auburn. Tyler is thankful for the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of many family members.

“My mother and father continue to inspire and motivate me every single day,” said Tyler. “It is truly an honor to continue the legacy my parents have built.”

The drug store, founded in 1987 by Bobbie Bryan Bowers and Glenda Jeffcoat Bryan, remains a cornerstone of the Luverne community under the stewardship of the Dalton family. As the pharmacy enters a new chapter with the addition of The Peanut Patch, patrons can expect the same quality service and dedication to customer care that has defined B & B Discount Drugs for over four decades.

“I loved our business so much and Crenshaw County has my heart, always,” said Bowers. “Our sweet customers made our job such a pleasure. We really wanted to sell to someone who would keep B&B an independent pharmacy and we did. We wish them much success! I think ‘The Peanut Patch’ is a wonderful addition to B&B and great for the town and the county. Having a local gift shop with such a nice selection is great and I hope everyone will be supportive and shop with them. I plan to!”