Hello from Rutledge Alabama


Well, it has been a long couple of weeks since the Parade. There really is not a lot going on. We as a Town are working on a grant to help with the cost of taking down the old water tower and some older houses that have fallen into disrepair. We are working on getting some of the clutter out of the way and making the town look better. (musicmundial)

Okay, as far as the store goes we have some good news we are in the process of picking up store shelving right now. Not as much as we need but it is going to get us started.

We are coming back just be patient and before you know it you will be back to having a much better option for all your hardware needs. Now that being said, as I have told everyone, if you need anything just let us know we get two trucks a week and will be happy to order it for you. We are all pretty happy it is starting to look like a store again.

Somebody told me a couple of weeks ago that people were asking why I keep bring up Mr. Earl Cosby and Delange Harris because it has been so long ago that if they haven’t solved the murder yet they probably won’t solve it. My answer was “they are still dead and the families and communities care about what happened to them.” The reason I keep bringing it up is that just because it has been a long time ago doesn’t mean that it can’t be solved, it just takes more work and maybe a little bit of luck. But, if we allow the people that are supposed to be investigating these murders to forget about them, they will never be solved. One thing you can be sure of, that if we and the people that are supposed to be investigating these murders ignore them these cases will never be solved.

And just so we don’t forget it has been approximately 3734 days since the Delange Harris’s murder and 1864 days since Mr. Earl Cosby was murdered  on 13 June 2016 and still no justice for the families. These two families deserve to see their loved one’s killer brought to justice.