Hello from Rutledge

    Hello from Rutledge, Alabama, home of the world’s largest peanut boil, coming up in a couple of weeks. Remember, this is for a good cause, so come out and support our Shriner’s club. 

    Well, I didn’t write last week. Time wasn’t really on my side. Believe it or not, I had to take our Bird to the vet to get his wings and nails done. That was entertaining. He was singing and talking all the way to the vet. We pulled into the parking lot and he said “uh oh.” 

    He wasn’t very happy after that. At least he can afford to get his wings and nails done. 

    My wife and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary also and had a very good time. We are looking forward to many more. 

     We have been very busy here at the store getting things ready to fully open, and no, I don’t know when that will be. But we are as anxious as every one of our customers. We miss seeing everyone. Like I have said before, we enjoy helping you complete your projects and solve your problems. 

    The price of lumber is coming down, so people can actually afford to do some things now. We also have pool supplies; we have chlorine, both liquid and granules, so come see us! We appreciate your business and truly enjoy helping you. Like I said before, the only way we succeed is for you to have a great experience at Luverne Hardware and that is what we all work towards every day.  

     I have been reading up on this defund the police and all that mess. First, let me say we are all truly blessed to live in Crenshaw County, Alabama. To my knowledge, we don’t have any of those problems here.        

    Our Law enforcement officers are some of the most cordial and friendly I have ever met. They will still write you a ticket if you earn one, but they will do it with a smile. It doesn’t matter what your race is; everyone is treated the same. 

    Okay, back to the reason I am writing this. Defund the police? No, that is just stupid. Retraining the police in these larger cities where most of these problems are is the correct way to go. 

    Also, some of them need to find other employment. From what I have seen and read, most of the issues start because police officers believe they are the law, not those representing it. 

    The first thing that we should teach is that the Constitution of the United States gives everyone the same rights, regardless of race. 

    The first thing that needs to be read is We the People…. The power that the Police and politicians perceive belongs to them truly belongs to us because we are the people the constitution refers to. Until we start demanding accountability from the police departments in these larger cities, nothing will change. 

    Like I said, this is not directed at any law enforcement in this county. While, I don’t always agree or am not always pleased with some of the decisions of local law enforcement, ie, the Sheriff’s Office. 

    I don’t interact with Luverne or Brantley’s Police Departments much. I know several of the officers in these departments and they always seem to me to be very professional, which I attribute to their training and leadership. They understand they are here to enforce the laws and serve us, the citizens of their respective municipalities. 

    And just so everyone fully understands, I respect and admire anyone who will put on a uniform and defend other people. My wife and I spent our lives doing just that. It takes a special person to put a uniform on and be willing to put their lives on the line for someone they have never met.    

    As I said, I respect and admire anyone willing to protect and serve others.

   There has been a new development in the Earl Cosby case, or should I say a new approach. There will be a podcast coming out on the Crime stoppers website soon about the case. 

    The website is www.215stop.com. The podcast will be on the drop-down menu, and it will be under the audio section. It isn’t there yet, but it is in editing right now. I know that Brent Cosby was interviewed along with myself. I have no clue how it will turn out, but please, when it comes out, share it on your social media accounts. One small tidbit of information could make all the difference in the world. I will let you know when it does get posted.

   And just so we don’t forget, it has been approximately 3762 days since the Delange Harris’s murder and 1892 days since Mr. Earl Cosby was murdered on June 13, 2016, and still no justice for the families. These two families deserve to see their loved one’s killer brought to justice.