Highland Home flew away with a victory over Central Coosa Cougars 61-14

If you are a Squadron fan and missed Friday’s night game against Central Coosa then you missed an amazing game. The Squadron defense and offense were both forces to be reckoned with. The Squadron’s left us with one question, “What is the coach feeding these kids?”

Trey Hall wasted no time putting Highland Home on the board with the first touchdown of the night. After kicking a touchback to the Cougars, the ball is fumbled on the third attempt at a first down and recovered by the Squadron on the first-yard line. Taylor Green carried for a touchdown, bringing the score to 13-0.

Dylan Arthur made it around Coosa’s offensive line and sacked Culpepper, leading Coosa to punt the ball away and which landed out of bounds at the 42. Nick Diaz handed off to Tay Hall who broke a tackle to complete a 41-yard touchdown.

With 6 minutes left in the first, Coosa was unable to move the ball and lost yards thanks to AJ Johnson and the defensive line. Coosa punted the ball short and high, positioning the Squadron inside the 28-yard line. Diaz found KD Shepherd at the 20 and he carried the ball to the endzone bringing the score to 27-0.

Coosa took control of the ball at the 15-yard line, fumbled, recovered by Highland Home’s Brice McKenzie at the 25. Diaz carried for a 15-yard gain. Diaz once again throws a touchdown pass to KD Shepherd with still 2 mins left in the first quarter.

Coosa started the second quarter down by 34 points and never crossing the 50. Kendrick Faulk and AJ Johnson ensured more of the same, bringing down the Cougars’ quarterback every chance they had.

Diaz throws another touchdown pass from the 32-yard line to Tyzaveous Shepherd.

Coosa received the ball only to fumble, picked up by Jarrett Giddens who literally carried a Cougar on his back to make a touchdown.

Coosa received the ball at the 29 but is quickly taken down hard by JJ Faulk at the 40. Coosa again fumbled the ball but was able to recover with a loss of two.

With six minutes left in the second, Coosa was able to complete a pass and gain a first down for the first time in the game and finally crossed over into Squadron territory to the 48.

The Cougars quickly backtracked as an illegal procedure sent them back across the line to their own 46.

Coosa makes it to the Squadron 39, Culpepper gained another first down at the 29-yard line. As Coosa reached a scoring position, KD Shepherd picked the ball off, proceeded to break a tackle and rushed to the end zone, bringing the score to 54-0.

Coosa’s Culpepper was able to complete a 40-yard pass but fumbled the ball on the next play where it was picked up by Kendrick Faulk. Dariko Harris carried for a 33-yard gain followed by Brice Mckenzie with 15 additional yards. The ball was handed off to Harris who blew through the Cougars’ defensive line before being taken down at the 25-yard line.

The first half ended with the Flying Squadron up by 54. The second half was cut back to six minutes per quarter. Neither team add points to the board during the third quarter. CJ May did find the end zone with 1:50 left in the third, but due to holding the Squadron was called back to the 15-yard line.

The Cougar’s offense awoke during the fourth quarter. Coosa’s Culpepper completed a touchdown pass to Trey Butler, an 80-yard play, adding points to the board for Coosa.

KD Shepherd responded with a kick return touchdown, bringing the score to 61-6.

The Flying Squadron will travel to Luverne next week for a county matchup that is sure to be a must-see game.


  • Tay Hall- 2 Touchdowns
  • Brice McKenzie- 1 Fumble Recovery
  • Jalen Green- 1 Touchdown, 1 Fumble Recovery
  • KD Shepherd- 2 Touchdown Passes, 1 Interception Touchdown, 1 Kick Return Touchdown
  • Nick Diaz- 2 Completed Pass Touchdowns
  • Tyezavious Shepherd- 1 Touchdown Pass
  • Jarrett Giddens- 1 Touchdown