Lunch Buddies Help Sixth-Grade Boys Learn to Tie Ties

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

Several members of the Tiger Town Lunch Bunch came together last Thursday to present each sixth-grade boy at Luverne Elementary School with neckties and in preparation for their upcoming graduation in May, gave them lessons on how to tie them.

Lunch Bunch is a program that pairs community members with sixth grade students for lunchtime conversations, providing opportunities for students to build relationships, develop conversation skills, and practice etiquette and manners.

Lunch Bunch members Donald Hilburn, Stae Sanders, Donnie Bagget and Dunford Cole gave their own unique take on how to tie a necktie, and the boys received hands-on instruction.

According to Bagget, learning how to tie a necktie is an essential life skill that students will need to know for future job interviews and other occurrences. Baggett said he was happy for the opportunity to build on the meaningful connections he and the other lunch buddies have created with the sixth graders.

“The students are at the age that they need to be thinking more about how they present themselves and how, although it is not the most important thing, making a good first impression is important,” Baggett said. “Throughout the time I worked in insurance, I learned that you need to be able to dress appropriately for various occasions, including times when you may need to stand out, so to speak, like during job interviews. People recognize if you take pride in yourself and if you take the time and effort to dress appropriately. We don’t realize how much some of these kids have missed. Life is so busy these days so parents aren’t always there to see that kids know how to do things like tie a tie and I am glad to be able to help in this small way.”

Sixth-grader Armani Kite wants to be a professional football player when he grows up and says that there are many reasons he needs to learn how to tie a necktie.

“My grandma usually ties my tie for church,” Kite said “But when I am grown, I will need to know how to do it for church and other stuff. If I go on a road trip or have to talk to someone with the news, I may need a tie, or if I need to do any business.”

Assistant principal of Luverne School Blair Till, expressed her appreciation for the Lunch Bunch members, the anonymously donated ties, and bracelets that will be given to the sixth-grade girls to wear on graduation day.
Till highlighted the positive impact that the program has had on the school community, saying that it has been wonderful to witness the mentoring and relationships that have been built between the students and community members.

“The Tiger Town Lunch Bunch began in the Fall of 2022,” Till said. “Lunch Bunch members consist of community members who join 6th-grade students twice a month for lunch and relationship building. It has been a great way to build social skills and positive relationships for all involved. Three of our bus drivers are members of the Lunch Bunch, and they have grown their connections with our 6th-grade students. We are thankful for a supportive community and look forward to this program growing in the years to come”

If interested in volunteering for the Tiger Town Lunch Bunch, please email Blair Till at .