Brantley Car Show a Success

Just behind Brantley School, in the quiet shaded neighborhood known as the Pecan Circle to most, neighbors opened their doors to find a bit of excitement and a lot of nostalgia. Folks from all around brought their unique vehicles for the little town to admire. Prospectors, vendors and entertainment filled the area. The place buzzed as folks posed with the vintage creations. Laughter and joy radiated from all. Familiar faces seemed to grace every corner of the space.

Larry Johnson had a great idea and wanted to help fulfill a need. The Drive-In was organized to provide Brantley School with a little extra help for supplies and needs. Johnson is a car lover and a native of Brantley. “I saw this place, it had some good shade and lots of room. I thought, ‘Let’s do this and make those babies some money.” says Johnson with a big grin. And he did!

The well publicized event brought in a little over $1,300 for Brantley School in just a few hours. Johnson presented the money to new Brantley Principal Casey Moore. For his contribution to the children and for taking initiative for the event, Mayor Bernie Sullivan presented Johnson with a trophy in recognition of success.