UPDATE: BPD says shooting was accidental in teen’s death

The Brundidge Police Department is currently investigating a shooting that occurred over the weekend, claiming the life of Ja’Carian Toney, a junior at Crenshaw Christian Academy, early Sunday morning.

Brundidge Police Chief Sam Green said that the incident is listed as an accident following the investigation. Green said the shooting took place at the 800 block of Galloway in Brundidge, Ala. around 2 or 3 Sunday morning. Toney was taken to Southeast Medical Center in Dothan, Ala. for treatment where he died from his injuries.

According to Green. four juveniles were involved in the incident.

“It appears one of the boys had a gun and the firearm accidently discharged,” Green said. “We are continuing to investigate the incident and will be truning the findings over to the D.A.”

All four of the juveniles were friends. Green said it has not been determined where the firearm caem from prior to the teen having possession of it.

CCA brought in several local pastors to help with grief counseling Monday morning.

“As professionals, they will counsel, and give guidance to out youth and assist them through this loss and grief,” Rebecca Baggett, headmaster at CCA, said in an email announcement.