School Board approves recommendations

All board members were present with Dr. Charles Thompkins attending virtually. All items on the agenda were approved including 10 superintendent recommendations.

Sherri Claybrook conducted the meeting. The prayer was led by Steve Jackson, and the Pledge of Allegiance by Annie Ziegler.

Kenneth Wesley, Chief School finance officer, shared the bank reconciliation report and financial statements from February.

“We had another good month and now have $4.49 million in reserve. The current cash balance in our general fund is $5,319,000. Ad valorem and sales tax due from 2021 is coming in so that inflates the numbers slightly. Year to date sales tax is down about $55,000 and we have been seeing that over the last couple of months. It is a little less that what we have been used to, but sales tax collections are up over $40,000 compared to last year’s year to date in April. Overall, we’ve had another good month,” Wesley said.

All of the superintendent’s recommendations were approved. The recommendations were as follows:

Recommendation to approve personnel (resignations, retirements, two hires and one medical leave)

Recommendation to approve purchasing of College Equipped Readiness Tool/CERT(will provide students 8 opportunities between ninth and twelfth grades to take and be scored on a practice ACT test written by the same writers of the ACT. CERT will provide data analysis that will be used as a diagnostic tool to steer instruction in the classroom)

Recommendation to approve the purchase of i-Ready assessments for grades K through 8 from Curriculum Associates for the 2022-2023 school year

Recommendation to approve Highland Home JAG program out of state field trip (students will travel to the National Career Development Conference in Dallas, TX)

Recommendation to approve HOSA students out of state field trip (students will travel to the Annual International Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN)

Recommendation of the adoption and purchase of McGraw Hill Studysync English Language Arts curriculum

Recommendation of the adoption and purchase of McGraw Hill Science Curriculum

Recommendation to approve the bid with Old South Construction company for re-roofing projects

Recommendation to reject the bid by Walker Construction & Consulting Services, LLC due to bid going over budget (for work on the bus shop)

Recommendation to purchase student desks from VICRO (all school will get new collaborative type desks)