Medical Association and Hospital Association show appreciation on Doctors’ Day

Dear Editor,

Today is a day set aside nationwide to honor the physicians who care for us every day of the year. Doctors’ Day was established on March 30 in 1934, and later in 1991, President George H.W. Bush proclaimed National Doctors’ Day as a time for the nation to celebrate the dedication and leadership of physicians. In Alabama, today is a time to formally recognize our state’s nearly 17,000 licensed physicians serving millions of residents through private practice, in hospitals, in research, and in other health care facilities.

“Physicians often lead their patients and communities through some of life’s most challenging moments and the past year has proved to be even more demanding,” said John S. Meigs, Jr., MD, President of the Medical Association. “On behalf of the Medical Association, I wanted to express my appreciation for the thousands of physicians throughout Alabama who have sacrificed so much during the COVID-19 pandemic. A simple ‘thank you’ cannot convey the gratitude that we feel towards Alabama’s healthcare providers. Physicians have been and continue to be on the front lines and have demonstrated unparalleled selflessness, dedication, and courage. ( This pandemic has exposed shortcomings in our healthcare system but has also highlighted many opportunities for growth. I am confident that as we enter a new year, we can work together to reach a new normal. If you want to know how you can thank your physician, continue to wear your mask, socially distance, and use other precautionary measures.”

“Healthcare today is more complex than ever,” said Alabama Hospital Association President, Dr. Don Williamson, MD. “Even without the disruption of a global pandemic, physicians are faced with more challenges and pressure than ever before. What our healthcare professionals have endured over the past year has been monumental, and we could never adequately express how thankful we are for them. Physicians have faced a giant this year, and countless Alabamians are still with us today because of the dedication, selflessness, and expertise of a local physician. While we can end the month of March 2021 with a much more positive outlook than March 2020, let’s not forget that there is still much risk for our healthcare workers. Please continue to wear a mask and use precautions. It’s the right and responsible thing to do.”

We all understand the critical role our doctors and other health professionals have played in leading us through this past year. Help us thank our doctors today for what they do for the health of all Alabamians!


John S. Meigs, Jr., M.D.                                                                          Donald E. Williamson, M.D.
President                                                                                                    President/CEO
Medical Association of the State of Alabama                                     Alabama Hospital Association