By Haley Mitchell Godwin

“Hey folks! My name is Cali and I am a one year old American Bully. I keep hearing my mom and Dad say that I am in the pocket class, but I am not sure what they mean. I love getting my belly rubbed and playing with my human siblings. My hobbies include chasing frogs and lizards, sunbathing on the porch, and eating all the cheese I can get my paws on. I live in the big city of Goshen with my parents, Desmond Harrell and Courtney Beck, and my sister, Caitlyn, who is eight, and my brother, Desmond Jr., who is 4.”

Cali’s mom said that the pup will only eat Bully Max dog food, which is solely available for purchase online. Courtney said Cali looks like a rabbit hopping when she runs through the house. Cali sleeps in her kennel that is in her brother’s room. Cali’s mother said that potty training was tough, but they finally mastered it. Cali does shed quite a bit, but adding salmon oil to her diet has helped tremendously.

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