Three arrested in Dozier thefts

The Crenshaw County Sheriff’s office has been able to recover several stolen vehicles and put vehicle thieves behind bars.

Deputies have been investigating vehicle thefts in the Dozier area for the last four months and on December 17, arrested three subjects, Justin Wright of Dozier, Taylor Holloway of Opp, and Jason Short of Covington County. Each of them has been charged with theft of property first degree and criminal trespassing second degree.
According to the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office, several reports of thefts along the 4400 block of Leon Tower Road in Dozier were reported.

Lt. Investigator Marcus Laster along with Deputy T. Strickland place surveillance cameras in the area to collect evidence regarding the thefts.

On Dec 17, the disabled veteran that allowed the cameras to be placed on his property, returned home to find a car had been stolen, a truck was stolen from the same property two weeks prior.

Thanks to the surveillance cameras footage, Laster and Deputy Crowley identified the vehicle used to enter the private property and the suspects who stole the vehicle.

Deputy Woods recognized the car as one that had been abandoned on Hwy 106, near Brantley.
The car was recovered and a “be on the lookout” or BOLO was issued to nearby law enforcement for the suspects’ vehicle.

At approximately 6:30 p.m., on December 17, Brantley Police Officer Lee Simmons notified the Sheriff’s Office that he had spotted the vehicle.

The suspects in the vehicle were quickly detained and arrested and taken to the Crenshaw County Jail without incident.

Deputies Pitts and Laster interviewed the suspects and were able to gather enough information to obtain a search warrant for a residence on School Street in Dozier where further evidence was obtained, according to the CCSO.
A third person was identified in the surveillance footage and was located in Andalusia. Andalusia PD assisted the CCSO in arresting a female subject from the video.