Crenshaw Community Hospital Awarded Best in Quality

Special to The Journal

Last week, at the annual Alliant Management conference in Orange Beach, Ala., Crenshaw Community Hospital was awarded Best in Quality for the year of 2020.

CCH was recognized for the highest quality scores in the Alliant System.

“We used five quality metrics from nursing care and Emergency Department services that all of our hospitals track. Each metric had a 20 percent weight. We then did the calculations, and Crenshaw had the best weighted average result in quality measures,” explained Alliant President, Jim Coleman.

A few of the metrics used to determine the Best in Quality award were: inpatient fall rates, number of patients that left without being seen in the emergency department, average turnaround time in the emergency department and readmission rates for all cause.

“This is another example of the dedication our employees have to their community and profession. Their passion for caring is evident every day to me. I’m very thankful to work with such a devoted group,” hospital CEO David Hughes said.

Hughes and Director of Nursing, Sherry Johnson, were overcome with excitement when CCH was announced as the winner.

“Our staff cares deeply for every patient that walks through our doors. Each department works tirelessly to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible. They deserve this award and so much more,” Johnson said.

Andy Kimbro, chairman of the Crenshaw County Healthcare Authority, also acknowledged the devotion of CCH employees.

“This points out the dedication and commitment of the employees of Crenshaw Community Hospital,” Kimbro said. “The entire board appreciates the wonderful job the employees do. It truly is what makes Crenshaw Community Hospital a success.”

CCH intends to win this award again next year along with many others along the way.