Boy airlifted after ATV accident

An ATV accident that occurred last Saturday, June 28, resulted in two children being injured, one having to be airlifted to an undisclosed hospital.

ALEA has not released any information on the accident at this time.

Timothy & Elizabeth, witnesses at the scene, were on their way to Destin for a relaxing vacation. They never expected to come across the scene that unfolded on Hwy 331 in Highland Home.

“We came up just moments after the accident happened. The semi-truck was slowing down to pull off the road in front of us,” said Timothy. “An ATV was half on, half off the road tipped over in front of what I think was the fire department.”

Timothy and Elizabeth stopped to try and provide any help they could.

“I saw a man who was scraped up and bloody trying to get the boy to stand up and get into the car that pulled up. The boy couldn’t even stand,” Timothy said.

Timothy said family members that arrived on scene were allegedly intoxicated. A grey Silverado pickup truck stopped and picked up the man that was scrapped up and bloody and drove away, leaving the kids injured lying on Hwy 331.

One of the boys was life flighted from the scene.

Timothy and Elizabeth contacted the Luverne Journal the day following the accident to get the status of the boys they tried to help. “We just couldn’t think about anything else. We had to try and find out if they were ok. All I could see was the boy lying there with half his face missing.” Timothy said.

ALEA is still investigating the accident. No arrests have been made or charges filed at this time that are confirmed.

Anyone who has any additional information on this accident, please contact