Dog up for adoption at Animal Tails Rescue

Meet Stevie Nicks! She is approximately 5 years old and is a fully vetted bulldog mix. Stevie Nicks has been enjoying life at Animal Tails Rescue for a while now but is looking for her forever home. According to Kellie Henderson, senior volunteer at Animal Tails Rescue, a kindhearted citizen found Stevie and her puppies roaming the roads and called Animal Tails Rescue.

“All of us here at the rescue love Steve Nicks dearly and she truly makes every day special. What we want for her is a home of her own to be snug and secure in. This girl keeps a sweet smile on her face and goes about her days in the most gentle way. She makes friends with the other dogs easily and welcomes them to share her things. Stevie does have hip dysplasia, but it causes her no problems and does not limit her mobility,” Henderson said.

“Stevie is very mild-mannered and enjoys socializing. On the other hand, she is also comfortable being alone and loves lounging on her bed in her own room. We would love to find the perfect home for this special girl. If you’re just not 100% sure, we would love to have someone foster her to see if she’s a right fit with your family. If fostering, all supplies and medical care will be provided. Stevie’s pups have been adopted into loving homes and we hope to find the perfect, caring home for Stevie quickly.”

If you are interested in adopting Stevie Nicks, call Animal Tails Rescue @ 334-429-1251 or 334-508-2027.

Animal Tails Rescue is an all-volunteer group. Their mission is to work within local communities to provide help for stray, abandoned and neglected animals.