Feral swine management workshop May 27

The USDA is taking action to get the population of feral swine, also known as feral hogs, wild boar, or wild pigs, under control.

A feral swine management workshop is scheduled for May 27 at 6 p.m. at the Tom Harbin Ag Center. Dinner will be provided. Anyone planning to attend will need to RSVP to the Crenshaw County Extension office by calling (334) 335-6312.

Feral swine can be found in 23 states and throughout Alabama. Although wild pigs allow hunters an opportunity to harvest wild pork throughout the year, wild pigs cause tremendous damage, stated Mark Smith, Alabama cooperative extension wildlife specialist.

“Feral swine cause more than $55 million a year in agriculture damage in Alabama,” Smith said.

A three-year program to help farmers control the feral swine population was recently executed by the Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee. The program originated in the 2018 Farm Bill and is funded by a grant from the USDA National Resources Conservation Service.

Landowners have two options if they need assistance. Farmers can receive up to 70 percent off on purchases of high-tech trapping equipment, or farmers can receive help from USDA Wildlife Services to conduct the removal of wild pigs.

“Help is on the way for farmers whose land falls within the Feral Swine Control Program area,” Smith said. “Assistance like this doesn’t happen often. All eyes are on this program for the next couple of years to measure its success.”

Please contact the Crenshaw County Extension Office or the Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee at https://alabamasoilandwater.gov.

Feral Swine Management Workshop