Brantley High School Lettermen Foundation holds 10th-annual deer hunt

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

A group of 49 hunters from several states, including Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Texas, traveled to Brantley over the weekend to participate in the 10th-annual Brantley High School Lettermen Foundation deer hunt.

The hunters checked in Friday at 11 a.m. at the Brantley Armory.

Shaun Wilcox, an organizer of the hunt each year, said the event isn’t just for hunters. According to Wilcox, the function is something the entire community can enjoy.

“Part of the charm of the event is that the townspeople can come and enjoy the whole weekend along with the hunters,” Wilcox said. “We do giveaways and drawings, and each year, we serve dinners during the weekend hunt and invite those in the community to purchase a plate and come eat, visit, and have a good time. The entire community contributes to the fundraiser, not just those in the lettermen foundation.

“We have some that donate things like desserts or drinks, paper towels, and a lot of people help in other ways. This year was another success and we had a great time.”

Throughout the three days of hunting, the hunters received several meals, including camp stew, a steak dinner, and on Saturday Boston butt. After the dinner Saturday, there was a drawing for door prizes.

The group of hunters successfully pursued and took down 47 deer, with the biggest success of the hunt being an eight-point buck, which scored a 129 3/8, brought in by Trigg White of Sulphur, Louisiana.

White has attended the hunt every year since its inception. White’s father originally came across an advertisement for the event in a Louisiana sportsman’s magazine. The White family couldn’t resist the call of the hunt, and three generations made the trek to Brantley for the first hunt in 2012 when White’s son was only 8 years old.

“We always say that the hunting is great, but the people are better.” White said. “ We love the camaraderie, and it is just a very enjoyable time. We’ve gotten to know a lot of people from Brantley and have made a lot of good friends that we stay in contact with year round. I am already looking forward to next year.”

The foundation, a nonprofit, facilities-oriented club, composed of Brantley alumni from as far back as the 1940s, is designed primarily as a facility-oriented organization. They work to build or improve school facilities, generally related to athletics, through fundraisers such as this deer hunt.

Shaun Wilcox and the foundation would like to say thank you to the following: Desert Dragon Firearms, Farm Systems, Old Gin Creek, Southern Engineering Solutions, The First National Bank of Dozier, Brian and Becky Richardson for organizing and running the show, Matthew and Toonie Morgan, Leatrice Cox, Pam Cook, Bobbie Hall, and the entire cooking crew, the-deer skinning crew led by Russ Kilcrease, those who donated door prizes, the land owners and guides, the hunters and their families, and all of the community volunteers that helped in any way.

The foundation is always in need of new volunteers, land, and guides. Helpers for a variety of tasks are needed and the foundation encourages any community members interested in helping with the 2024 hunt to contact Brian Richardson, Shaun Wilcox, or any foundation member.