After-school workers enhance education

Sherri Claybrook read a proclamation by the Crenshaw County Board of Education on Monday, April 18, that proclaimed April 25-April 29, 2022, as After School Professional Appreciation Week.

The decree states that the Crenshaw County Board of Education recognizes that after school professionals are a decisive element in expanding children’s opportunities beyond what they have access to in school and home and these professionals help close the achievement gap and prepare young people to compete in a global economy. After school programs are more than just child care. They are widely credited for enhancing education and social and emotional health and wellness, while exposing them to new experiences.

Superintendent Dodd Hawthorne expressed his gratitude for the afterschool professionals.

“We certainly do appreciate our after-school professionals and the jobs they do. They definitely do more than babysit. They help provide tutoring and fun activities and so much more for our students in the afternoon program. We thank them for that,” Hawthorne said.