Pet of the Week – Vaida

Published 12:02 pm Wednesday, July 10, 2024

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

Meet Vaida, a lively and affectionate one-year-old feline who belongs to Brittney Bragg of Luverne. Known for her playful antics and endearing behavior, Vaida is this week’s “Crenshaw Animal Clinic Pet of the Week.”

Vaida has an interesting obsession with the sound of crackling paper. Whenever she hears it, she responds with energetic bursts followed by literally bouncing off the walls and furniture. In a heartwarming gesture, Vaida holds her arms up to Brittney just like a child when she wants to be picked up.

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A fan of turkey bacon, Vaida’s intelligence and communication skills are quite impressive. She meows to signal that she wants something and leads Brittney to the desired location. If she wants her water changed, she will come and meow, then guide Brittney to the water bowl next to the fridge.

Vaida is crate-trained, sleeping in her bed in her crate at night since she was a kitten. She loves being around her family and has a special bond with Brittney’s two boys. Vaida thoroughly enjoys sneaking down the hall to chase the boys when they hide, making for hilarious and delightful moments.

Described as an all-around love bug, Vaida is a great companion and a comforting presence. She often sits with Brittney when she’s feeling down, providing much-needed support and lifting her spirits.

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