Taste of Crenshaw returns Tuesday

Published 9:46 am Saturday, June 22, 2024

People of Crenshaw County will soon have the opportunity to learn more about the food available close to home, as the Taste of Crenshaw event brings different businesses together for a night of local eats. 

Organized by the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, the event features area businesses selling their edible goods. Community members are invited to taste test some of their favorite restaurants during the event.

“Well, we certainly want to put a positive focus on our area’s food and beverage businesses,” said Kathy Smyth, the president of the Crenshaw County Chamber of Commerce. “This is a way for them to just highlight some of their most popular dishes, to garner extra traffic to their restaurants, their food trucks and other catering businesses. It’s just a public way to support these mostly small businesses.”

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This year marks the first Taste of Crenshaw event since COVID-19, which cut the event due to the pandemic-related restrictions along with food and labor shortages. Now, these businesses are back to featuring their culinary treats after a near four-year hiatus.

These businesses that will be featured during the Taste of Crenshaw event include storefront restaurants, catering companies, and food trucks. 

“We do have some people who come in that don’t have a restaurant, or don’t have a storefront,” said Kay Franklin the treasurer for the Crenshaw County Chamber of Commerce. “It allows people the opportunity to test their products and to see the things that are offered aside from just local storefronts.” 

So far, 15 Crenshaw businesses have confirmed their attendance to the Taste of Crenshaw event, including: Amazing Grace Cafe, Crenshaw County Extension, Dips and Dogs, Flint’s Smokehouse, Grit & Grind Coffee, Tater’s Restaurant and The Parlor.

There is limited space for vendors at the Taste of Crenshaw event, and any businesses wanting to attend can contact the Crenshaw County Chamber of Commerce for more information. 

“This is just a way to show community support and involvement,” Smith said. 

The Taste of Crenshaw event will take place on June 25 at the Dei Center at 88 E 1st Street in Luverne at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 for non-chamber members.