The Perfect Father for Jesus 

Published 1:26 am Sunday, June 16, 2024

By Brandon Baggett 

Have you ever thought about the important role Joseph played in the life of Jesus? God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus, but this also meant Joseph was selected to be the father of Jesus, even though he was not his biological dad. 

In Matthew 1:20-25, Joseph received instructions from an angel after he discovered Mary was with child. Aside from telling Joseph not to put Mary away, the angel informed him the child was actually from the Holy Spirit. Joseph learned the child Mary was carrying was the very Son of God! Imagine all the stress and concerns Joseph must have been feeling, but he never questioned God’s plan. Instead, he submissively complied with God, and he cared for Jesus as his very own son. Joseph stepped up to the plate and was a great father for God’s Son. 

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Truly, Joseph was the Father’s choice, and he was a father who pleased the Heavenly Father. He wasn’t a perfect person by any means, but he was the perfect father for Jesus. God didn’t place Jesus in the house of Joseph by accident. A careful study of the Gospel accounts helps us to see the many incredible qualities he possessed. He was compassionate, present, serious about obeying God, and loyal to his family. Joseph gave Jesus the home he needed so he could grow, mature, and one day fulfill his important work as mankind’s Savior. 

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, please join me in prayer for all fathers. Dads need our prayers, love, support, and encouragement. Let’s pray for these men each day that they can be more like Joseph, the father God selected for his Son. As men, let’s aim to be the kind of dads who will please the Heavenly Father. 

Brandon Baggett is preaching minister at the Luverne Church of Christ