STEM camp empowers girls for science

Published 7:00 am Friday, June 14, 2024

Girls across Crenshaw County have the opportunity to learn more about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through a summer camp sponsored by Troy University. 

The Girl Power STEM Camp is a summer camp organized by Troy University’s College of Arts and Sciences to promote education of STEM and STEAM (sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) concepts. 

Danielle Hudson, a lecturer for the chemistry and physics department at Troy University, has worked alongside other faculty members with the Girl Power STEM Camp for three years. 

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“I think it’s important because we want to bring industries here,” Hudson said. “We want our children to grow, get an education and be able to bring that to their hometown, back to their county and be able to actually contribute. I think this is a good opportunity for them to be able to explore opportunities and see how STEM can impact their everyday lives.”

This year, Hudson and other faculty members at Troy University have five days of sciences planned for the rising sixth through eighth grade girls in attendance. 

For one of the days planned, attendees will learn the science behind crafting. Professor Christine Schnittka of Auburn University will visit with the campers to teach topics such as fiber and paper sciences, bookbinding and 3D printing. 

“The last thing they’ll do is they’ll be able to explore and make something so that it can be something that can be displayed, something that participants will take home to their parents,” Hudson said. 

The facilitators have also planned a wildlife day, where the participants will go to the arboretum on Troy University’s campus to learn about water chemistry and the wildlife in the area. During the day, professors with Troy’s biology department will aid the participants to take samples of the water and analyze it in the arboretum.

Other plans include a visit to the McWane Science Center, a visit from the Alabama Extension Office and more. 

The Girl Power Summer Camp is sponsored by the Regents Foundation, Alabama Cooperative Extension, A Greater Destiny Foundation and the Troy University College of Arts and Science. 

“Girls are the future leaders in our city and our county, so it’s a great investment for the partners because they are interested in seeing us have developed good, scientific citizens,” Hudson said. 

With these sponsors, the summer camp was able to keep the registration fees low. 

Those who wish to attend can register on the Troy University website, under community and outreach and summer camps or visit ttps://

According to the university’s website, registration is $45 per camper, and attendance is limited to 25 girls. Registration closes June 21, or when all spots have been filled. 

“My goal is to see more girls and women actually enter into careers of STEM, whether it’s an industry, in government labs or  in academia,” Hudson said. “That’s my goal actually, is to see there become an increase in there. I think that women and girls have creative solutions to some of the problems that we’re facing – some of the scientific problems that we’re facing. I think we have creative solutions to that, and I think that given the opportunity for our voices to be heard, we can actually make a difference.”