Preacher, that was a Good Sermon!

Published 12:05 am Sunday, June 9, 2024

By Dunford Cole 

After the worship service concludes, I often hear, “That was a good sermon, preacher.”  I find joy in preaching and writing, even though it presents a weekly challenge. The true essence of a sermon lies in fostering hope, instigating change, and reminding others of the boundless grace of God that leads to salvation. The essence of a sermon is not for it to be well-liked but to be embodied in one’s life. 

Your life is the ultimate sermon; the best sermon is how you live your life for Christ. Through your actions, others will witness the radiance of Christ shining through you. While I have the opportunity to lecture, speak, and preach on Sunday mornings, that is a tiny part of my role. 

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As a pastor of the Gospel, I proclaim the good news and stand alongside you during life’s most challenging moments, darkest hours, and moments of celebration such as baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and more. My duty as a pastor is to guide and direct you towards Christ, not solely through words that may be misconstrued but by living a life that exemplifies the Gospel message wherever I go. 

When called upon to provide comfort and share truths, I strive to let my life serve as a testament to the Gospel message. I am not flawless or the greatest, but I am called. God has called me to live my life in a manner that draws others to Christ, so much so that others may say, “Now that’s a good sermon.” 

Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as you bring others closer to Christ.

Rev. Dunford Cole is Pastor of Camp Ground and Rutledge Global Methodist Church.