Miniature Schnauzer crowned Super Spring Pet of the Season

Published 2:33 pm Wednesday, May 29, 2024

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

Judo, a spirited one-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, has been crowned the 2024 Crenshaw Animal Clinic Super Spring Pet of the Season. Judo, who belongs to Erica Norsworthy of Luverne, emerged victorious in the closely contested competition, pulling ahead early and securing the win by a margin of 20 votes over second-place finisher Bo the Lhasa Apso.

As the winner, Judo and her owner Erica Norsworthy of Luverne, received a personalized prize package from the Crenshaw Animal Clinic valued at $250.

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Judo, a patient at Crenshaw Animal Clinic, is an integral part of the Norsworthy family. She enjoys chasing her human sisters around the house, often being found at their heels as they run through the house in fits of giggles. Her second favorite pastime is playing fetch.

Norsworthy describes Judo as a very curious and loving pet with a voracious appetite.

“When Judo isn’t playing, she loves to cuddle up in our laps or on the back of the couch — her favorite spot,” said Norsworthy.

Judo’s energetic personality makes her an attentive family guardian. She has a keen sense of awareness and often vocalizes her observations, ensuring her family is always informed, even about trivial occurrences like a falling leaf outside the window.

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