Making a difference in her memory

Published 4:48 pm Sunday, May 19, 2024

An Editorial Opinion of The Luverne Journal

Kimberly Matthews of  Greenville passed away unexpectedly May 3. She was an avid animal advocate and gave much of her free time to the work of rescuing abused, neglected or abandoned pets to find them loving, forever homes.

Most communities have someone like Matthews who is committed to making a difference for those who do not have a voice. In Crenshaw County, the volunteers at Animal Tails Rescue are working toward the same effort, with the goal of making the area a place where helpless animals no longer walk the streets, highways and rural dirt roads seeking a meal and a safe place to sleep.

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To many who knew Matthews, what stood out most was her commitment to doing something about the multitude of animals in need of rescuing. People usually have something or several things they are passionate about, but not everyone gives so much of themselves to make a difference.

It’s a legacy Greenville pet lovers will not soon forget and one which will inspire some, who have not already done so, in the work of carrying on her efforts.

But up the road in Lowndes County, there is no organized animal shelter. Concerned citizens have asked the County Commission to establish one, and the commission requested community members suggest a plan for actions. So far, with no one like Matthews committed to take the lead, the idea remains on the back burner.

We applaud those, like Matthews, who work tirelessly to offer compassion to homeless pets. Her family has requested, in lieu of flowers, that community members donate to the Butler County Humane Society to keep her work alive and perhaps, stronger than ever.

Such organizations are always in need of volunteers too, to tend to the pets in their care and rescue others needing rescue.

We encourage our readers to remember her by finding ways to help. Whether you live in Butler, Lowndes or Crenshaw County, we hope you will jump in to fill the void and bolster the organizations working toward solutions.

And, especially in Lowndes County, where individuals do what they can for animals there, let the story of Matthew’s life inspire you to be the one who will step forward and begin to put ideas into actions to establish a shelter or rescue.

Kimberly Matthews lived a life of purpose, one filled with love and commitment to action. She would want us to do the same.