Brantley School holds annual pageant

Published 12:58 am Thursday, May 2, 2024

By Staff Reports

Brantley School held their elementary, junior high and senior high beauty pageants on April 20. Winners were selected in the categories of Tiny Miss, Little Miss, Miss Elementary, Jr Campus Beauty and Campus Beauty. 

The winners are:

  • Tiny Miss: Photogenic Winner Emma Jaymes Brook, People’s Choice winner Emma Grace Abadilla, 1st Runner Up Grayson Morgan and Tiny Miss BHS Evelyn Mitchell.
  • Little Miss: Photogenic Winner Camilla Pruitt, People’s Choice winner and 4th Runner Up Landry Spurlin, 3rd Runner Up Victoria Johns, 2nd Runner Up Braelyn Blackmon, 1st Runner Up Savannah White and 2024 BHS Little Miss Mariya Peterson.
  • Miss Elementary: Photogenic Winner Sophia Peek, People’s Choice Leila Daniels, 3rd Runner Up Makayla Stallworth, 2nd Runner Up Olivia Griffin, 1st Runner Up Haiden Blair and BHS Miss Elementary Leila Daniels;
  • Jr. Campus Beauty: Photogenic Winner Zoey Dubose; People’s Choice Addie Piggot, 2nd Runner Up Addie Piggot, 1st Runner Up Adalida Latham and BHS Jr Campus Beauty Ashley Kirkland.
  • Campus Beauty: Photogenic Winner Manning Fox, People’s Choice Kaitlyn Piggot, 2nd Runner Up Emma Crawley, 1st Runner Up Ellis Knighten and BHS Campus Beauty Manning Fox.

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