Cell phone outage affects Crenshaw County communications

Published 2:29 pm Friday, April 19, 2024

Areas of Crenshaw County are experiencing an interruption in services some have come to consider a primary means of connecting.

Throughout Friday morning, customers reported cell service outages tied to Verizon services as well as those provided by carriers, like Straight Talk and C Spire, which are supported by Verizon towers. Residents from Panola, Highland Home, Lapine, Patsburg, Honoraville, Helicon, Fuller’s Crossroad, Sardis, Petrey, Rutledge, Luverne and as far southeast as the Live Oak community have experienced intermittent to complete service interruptions since around midnight Thursday.

Mary Lynn Sexton reported service interruption in Lapine.

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“[We have] spotty to no service at all [on] Cook Road at County Road 68,” Sexton said.

Theresa Thornton said there was no service in Highland Home near Magnolia Shores since Friday morning.

Verizon customers can check service status at www.verizon.com/check-network-status/ or report outages by logging into their customer account online. Utilizing the website to check service availability around mid and northern areas of the county indicates data voice and text services are limited. The carrier reports a known issue, stating technicians are working on a solution.

“Most issues are resolved within 12 hours,” the website notes. “You can check your network status again later for updates.”

Customers outside the Verizon network who subscribe to carriers relying on Verizon towers report feeling the impact as well, with interruption that did not just begin for them.

“I am not with Verizon, but I am with Straight Talk and we run off of Verizon towers,” said Tiffany Lydaillia Brooks. “I have been having issues for weeks now and can not use my data until I’m near Wi-Fi. I have had Straight Talk for years and never had an issue until now.”
Verizon does not indicate exactly when the issue will be resolved. Technicians recommend using Wi-Fi calling and restarting the device or submitting a service request for individual help resolving their ability to call or text.