Thrifting – A treasure hunt, no shovel needed

Published 1:17 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2024

By Lanell Downs Smith

A recent wave of social media influencers have inspired a resurgence and enthusiasm for thrifting — the activity of shopping thrift stores for items to gift, keep or resell for a profit.

Countless videos abound, flooding platforms with ideas and images describing how to find hidden treasure among a community’s discards, promising to replace one’s full-time income, provide the absolute best in sustainable gift option and transform the thrifter’s home into a paradise, all for pennies on the dollar compared to retail prices.

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And, among the thousands who have fallen under the influence of the video creators, I find myself caught up, hook, line and sinker.

That’s why I’m glad our local shops have options that support my revived thrifting habit.

I am not looking for a new full-time money making venture, but the renewal of my thrift shopping interests have enabled me, as an empty nester, to donate a bit of clutter I no longer need and at the same time purchase items which fit my current lifestyle needs and interests.

While perusing the new Commerce Street location of Tayla & Pearl’s Attic Finds in Greenville, I discovered a Jiffy Kodak Six 20 camera and snatched it up for $15. It now sits on display beside the Ansco Readyflash camera, circa 1953, I grabbed for $10 at Grammy’s Attic in Luverne.

Finding these items, which represent not only my interests but a semblance of my trade, felt like discovering hidden treasures. Snagging a rooster cookie jar for cat treats at This and That Antiques and Collectibles in Luverne and grabbing another book in my favorite series from the Greenville Goodwill was a delight, made more special by the local vendors who did the digging that made my treasure hunt quite easy.

While I have rediscovered the fun of thrifting, the hobby is not for everyone. My daughters roll their eyes each time I ask if we can stop by a thrift store, and have stopped believing me when I promise to just pop in for a quick peek.

And, that is fine with me. Less competition for the good finds, I say. I am just glad we have local options to satisfy the thrifting itch, stores that provide the treasure hunt, no shovel needed.