Congressional candidate holds ‘Coffee and Conversations’

Published 7:02 pm Monday, April 15, 2024

Caroleene Dobson, a Republican candidate for Alabama’s Second U.S. Congressional District, engaged with local residents at a “Coffee and Conversations” meeting held at the John D. Harrison Cultural Center in Luverne April 12. The event featured a short speech by Dobson, followed by discussions with constituents in attendance.

Margie Sanders, a friend of Dobson’s, highlighted the candidate’s commitment to supporting small towns. 

“She was trying to make a point today that she is for small town America, keeping small towns viable and thriving,” Sanders said. “I feel like she is a hard worker and she’s always achieved what she’s set a goal for.”

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Lynne Hardee, Dobson’s mother, expressed optimism about Dobson’s campaign.

“She’s young, fresh and energetic with new ideas. I feel like she will get there and do what she says she’s going to do,” Hardee said. “The old saying is remember who you are and where you came from and act accordingly and I think that’s exactly what she’s done this whole campaign and I think that’s what she will continue to do in Washington.”

Dobson expressed gratitude for the support she has received during her campaign.

“We are on a final sprint across the district and grateful to get to be here in Luverne,” she said. “It’s such a beautiful city with so many wonderful folks.”

She also addressed her commitment to representing all constituents within the district.

“I’m going to be fighting for Alabama families and that means families throughout this district…not just ones in cities,” Dobson said. “I grew up in a tiny town and I think for too long our small towns and rural communities have been ignored by our leaders.”

Dobson’s message was met with cheers and applause from attendees, including a group of high school seniors, to whom she spoke about her dedication to creating a safer future for children in Alabama. Dobson emphasized her personal connection to the issues

“I’m a parent like a lot of the women in the room and I’m concerned about where our country is headed so I’m going to fight tooth and nail to ensure that our kids have a safer future…one with opportunities here in this district,” Dobson said.

The Luverne event provided Dobson with an opportunity to connect with voters and share her vision for Alabama’s Second US Congressional District. With the campaign entering its final stages, Dobson said she remains focused on advocating for the needs of small towns and rural communities throughout the district.