Easter – Taking the Good News into the world.

Published 6:24 pm Saturday, March 30, 2024

By Dunford Cole

Our Lenten journey is about to be completed. As we approach Easter Sunday morning, I am reminded of the mission of the church. 

We hear the story of how Mary and the others went to the tomb, followed by the disciples. Now, unlike that first Easter, we have the complete story! The Church’s mission is clear; we are to move away from an empty tomb and spread the message that our savior has risen and that death could not hold him down. 

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As we take this message out to the world, I want to remind you to make sure you invite someone to church this Sunday. I once read in an article that people are most likely to attend church if they are invited; that is the mission of the church: to invite others to Christ. 

As we spread the Good News and proclaim that Christ has risen, we never stop reminding and inviting others to receive the grace and love of God through his son Jesus Christ. So as you make preparations this weekend to celebrate the glorious Resurrection of our Lord, make sure you invite a friend to Church Sunday! Happy Easter from Rutledge & Camp Ground Methodist Church.

Dunford Cole is pastor at Campground and Rutledge Methodist Church.