Famous Alabamians-fourth grade play

Published 3:21 pm Saturday, March 23, 2024

Staff Reports

On March 7, Luverne School hosted its inaugural fourth-grade play, “Famous Alabamians,” showcasing the rich tapestry of talent and history making Alabamians. The event was a culmination of diligent research and passionate portrayal as students delved into the lives of prominent figures hailing from Alabama.

From civil rights activists to renowned athletes, each student meticulously selected and researched their subject, embarking on a journey of discovery. Dressed in costume and armed with insightful knowledge, the young actors brought their chosen Alabamians to life, captivating the audience with heartfelt performances.

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Through their portrayal, the students not only honored the legacy of these individuals but also gained a deeper appreciation for the diverse contributions made by Alabamians throughout history.