Pet of the Week-Noe

Published 3:51 pm Thursday, March 7, 2024

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

Claiming the title of Pet of the Week is Noel, a charming two-year-old feline. Noel, a rescue kitty with a personality as colorful as her coat, is the beloved companion of Luverne resident Vicki Coggins. From snuggling sessions to watching her mom cook, Noel and Vicki share a special, heart-warming bond. 

This playful feline has an array of hobbies that keep her entertained throughout the day. She enjoys birdwatching from her perch near the window, playing chase with her cat and dog siblings and entertaining herself with simple yet delightful toys like bottle caps, rubber bands and empty bags. 

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When in the mood for a bit of solitude, Noel can often be found in the dryer, prompting her owner to double-check the appliance before starting it up, making sure Noel isn’t secretly planning a cozy hideaway.

As an indoor cat, Noel has made it clear that human food and fish-flavored cat meals are not to her liking. Instead, she prefers the gourmet experience of Fancy Feast, accompanied by the occasional indulgence in Greenie treats.

For those seeking a feline companion with a heart as big as Noel’s, local shelters may have their next best friend waiting to be adopted. 

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