Little Miss Luverne crowns queens

Published 4:35 pm Thursday, March 7, 2024

Luverne School hosted the Little Miss Luverne pageant March 1, crowning young ladies as Tiny Miss (K4-K5), Petite Miss (first and second grade) Little Miss (third and fourth grade), Young Miss (fifth and sixth grade), Junior Miss (seventh – ninth grade) and Viewer’s Choice. 

Winners in each category are:

  • Tiny Miss (K4-K5) – Miss Congeniality Madison Atkinson, Miss Photogenic Symphony Liggett, 3rd Runner-up Madison Atkinson, 2nd Runner-up Addison Hardin, 1st Runner-up Alex Ray Kilpatrick, 2024 Tiny Miss Queen Symphony Liggett and People’s Choice Alex Ray Kilpatrick.
  • Petite Miss (First-Second) – Miss Congeniality Sullivan Denardo (not pictured), Miss Photogenic Kamryn Campbell, 3rd Runner-up Khamryn Campbell, 2nd Runner-up Emma Rose Greer, 1st Runner-up Kinzlee Steele and 2024 Petite Miss Queen Hannah Gooden.
  • Little Miss (Third-Fourth) – Miss Congeniality Hadley Smith, Miss Photogenic Reagan Wilson, 3rd Runner-up Hadley Smith, 2nd Runner-up Ella Rae Beasley, 1st Runner-up Lauren Gooden and 2024 Little Miss Queen Chloe Owens.
  • Young Miss (Fifth-Sixth) – Miss Congeniality Alexis Robinson, Miss Photogenic Shelby Lei Holley, 3rd Runner-up Shelby Lei Holley, 2nd Runner-up Amya Arrington, 1st Runner-up Anyiah Matthews and 2024 Young Miss Queen Caitlyn Kidd.
  • Junior Miss (Seventh-Eighth) – Miss Congeniality Abbie Beasley, Miss Photogenic Brooke Horn, 3rd Runner-up Jamie Rae Morgan, 2nd Runner-up Abbie Beasley, 1st Runner-up Brooke Horn and 2024 Junior Miss Queen Hayden Debose.
  • Viewer’s Choice – Raegan Wilson Queen, 2nd place Hadley Smith and 3rd place Alexis Robinson.

Congratulations to all the participants for their commitment to excellence.

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