Crenshaw Christian Academy holds second “Donkeyball” fundraiser

Published 4:25 pm Sunday, February 25, 2024

By: Pierce Royal and Amy Lewis

Returning for its second year, on Feb.16, Crenshaw Christian Academy (CCA) held its Donkey Ball fundraiser to support the school’s junior class prom.
Amber Parrish, CCA alumna and member of the school’s athletic club committee, first introduced Donkey Ball to the school.

“Twenty-something years ago, we had it (Donkeyball) when I was a student here,” Parrish said. “They needed a fundraiser for last year and I thought it would be so much fun for the kids.”

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Parrish explained that the game consisted of four different teams with four players on each team. For the first round, two teams faced each other in a 12-minute, basketball style game. Afterwards, the two winning teams and the two losing teams squared off against each other in a six-minute final round. Although the game resembles basketball there is one noticeable difference — the players are all riding donkeys.

“They can’t dribble,” Parrish said. “They just hold the ball because they have to stay on the donkey the whole time. They ride the donkey from one end of the court to the other and you have to be on the donkey to score, pass or even steal.”

Headmaster Becky Baggett stated that not only was the event for a good cause but that the unpredictable nature of the animals involved, made for an entertaining event.

“There’s lots of fun and excitement with these donkeys,” Baggett said. “Sometimes they cooperate and sometimes they don’t.”

Also in attendance at the game was assistant varsity baseball coach, Clifton Trotter, whose son was participating in the event for a second time.

“It’s a great event and a good fundraiser for the school, and great for people to get a lot of laughs out of,” said Trotter. “My son Christian is in it this year. He was in the game last year too and had a lot of fun. I came last year too and got plenty of laughs. It was just funny to watch.”