God is never boring

Published 4:08 pm Saturday, February 24, 2024

By Dunford Cole

Pastor, Camp Ground and Rutledge Methodist Church

This Lent, Camp Ground and Rutledge Methodist Church have taken on the challenge of delving into Ephesians 4 every day until Holy Thursday. Together, we are discovering new wisdom, inspiration, and growing together as a community of faith. 

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It is remarkable that no matter how many times I read Ephesians 4, I discover something new! It is amazing what you learn from studying this brief chapter of God’s Holy Word. This is the essence of the Christian faith – the Holy Spirit guiding our path to our Heavenly Father. No matter how many times we have read the Bible, we see something new and different. We don’t have all the answers, and that is what makes our relationship with God so grand – never boring, never the same. It is dynamic and ever-evolving, never stagnant or dull. 

We serve an amazing God that takes us to places that we can never imagine. Anyone who thinks the Christian faith is outdated and boring hasn’t experienced the God I know! 

The God I know is fresh and new even with all my doubts and shortcomings. He works through all my messiness and imperfections. If you find yourself feeling stagnant, immerse yourself in God’s word so that word can revive you. 

As we reflect on His promise “morning by morning new mercies I see” in the Lenten season, be refreshed, renewed, and be reborn. Join us on this Lenten journey as we read Ephesians 4 and deepen our connection with God.