Brandon Casey-From Chinook flight engineer to Sheriff’s Deputy

Published 5:24 pm Monday, January 29, 2024

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

The journey of first responder Brandon Casey has taken him from the skies as a flight engineer on Chinook helicopters in the U.S. Army to the streets of Crenshaw County where he joyfully serves the community as a Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Deputy. 

“All lives are important and all lives matter in my eyes,” said Casey. “I’m selfless, not selfish. We chose this profession to protect and serve. No matter what, as a law enforcement officer, I will answer the call and do what’s right legally, morally, and ethically because of my faith in God and the belief that I’m making a difference. I chose to do the right thing.”

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Casey’s career in law enforcement began in August 2022 when he took on the role of a reserve deputy for the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Department. Recognizing his deep seeded passion for protecting others, Casey soon decided to make law enforcement his full-time career. 

Eager to enhance his skills and knowledge, he enrolled in the police academy in Selma, graduating in August 2023.

Before entering into law enforcement, Casey spent 14 years serving in the army, specializing as an Avionics/electrical mechanic for Blackhawk helicopters. However, his ambition didn’t stop there; he sought not only to work on helicopters but also to be air borne. Transferring to a different unit, Casey became a flight engineer, where all his work tasks to maintain helicopters took place while airborne in Chinook helicopters. 

With multiple deployments worldwide, including Afghanistan, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii, and Romania, Casey’s military service shaped his dedication to protecting others. 

Chief Investigator Chris Stewart commended Deputy Casey.

“Deputy Casey has demonstrated unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic in serving the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office and the local community,” Stewart said. “His commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of residents has been exemplary, earning him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and the people he serves. Deputy Casey’s hard work and passion for his duties have made a lasting and positive impact on the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office and the community as a whole.”

Casey’s ethos underscores his dedication to the profession and commitment to the values of service and sacrifice, where according to Casey, the most challenging aspect lies in maintaining mental resilience amidst the unpredictable stress of the job.

A defining moment in Casey’s career occurred on Oct. 1, 2023 during a routine traffic stop on Brantley highway. A high-speed collision with his patrol vehicle could have been tragic, but Casey’s quick thinking saved lives. He pushed the driver he had stopped out of harm’s way before being catapulted into the air, landing 20-30 feet away. 

Despite the impact, Casey maintained his composure, and was able to safely remove the others involved in the accident from the car, demonstrating courage and dedication to the safety of others.

“Tomorrow is not promised, and God granted me another day on earth,” Casey said.  “My job here is not done and for that I am thankful. I have many career goals but some short term goals are to become a K9 handler and a Narcotics Deputy. With that being said the long term goal is to go as far as I can and never stop learning and helping people.”

Casey’s plea to the public is for understanding. He wants people to understand that law enforcement officers are human too, with hearts, families, and imperfections. Sacrifices often go unseen, including missed family time, holidays and children’s events. Despite public expectations for quick answers, Casey emphasizes the importance of adhering to processes and standards in the pursuit of justice.