Pet of the Week- Max and Blue

Published 5:29 pm Saturday, January 27, 2024

 By Haley Mitchell Godwin

This week Crenshaw Animal Clinic shines the spotlight on Max and Blue, two Labrador Retrievers who have captured the hearts of their owners, Erik and Tonya Stephens of Rutledge. 

Max, the energetic five-year-old, and Blue, the wise 14-year-old, bring joy and warmth to the Stephens household. Described by their owners as “very loving pups,” these labs never fail to greet their humans with boundless enthusiasm whenever they come home.

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Known for his playful nature, Max is an avid fetch enthusiast and a dedicated cuddler. Blue, being the senior member of the duo,prefers a more laid-back approach to life, relishing in moments of tranquility and relaxation.

According to Tonya, Max and Blue possess unique and almost human-like personalities that add an extra layer of warmth to their household. 

One particular quirk that sets Max apart is his love for sleeping in the bathtub. Meanwhile, Blue, the senior member of the duo, enjoys cozy naps over the air conditioner vent, savoring the cool breeze on warm days.

While these labs spend most of their time indoors, their love for the outdoors is undeniable. Whether fetching a ball or simply basking in the sun, Max and Blue find joy in the open air. 

A shared love for scrambled eggs adds a delightful touch to Sunday mornings in the Stephens household. As the Stephens family gathers for a hearty breakfast, Max and Blue eagerly join in the feast, showcasing their love for eating eggs. When it’s time to wind down, the labs can often be found snuggled up in their owners’ bed. 

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