Crenshaw County ballers clash in action-packed week

Published 9:28 pm Thursday, January 18, 2024

By Haley Mitchell Godwin and Syloria James

The second week of January brought an exciting series of basketball clashes in Crenshaw County as all three Crenshaw County Schools faced off in two intense matchups.

The first matchup in the county took place when Highland Home hosted Luverne Jan. 11. The Varsity girls’ game proved to be a nail-biter, with Luverne narrowly securing a victory over Highland Home with a final score of 35-29. Senior Zyan Peterson led the Lady Tigers with 11 points. KaeKae Dixon scored 9 points and Mkayla Dawson put six points on the scoreboard. Defeating the Squadron put the girls’ record at 12-5.

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On the boys’ side, Highland Home came out victorious over Luverne with a 58-41 victory.
Despite the loss, Luverne head coach Richard Dorsey acknowledged the intensity of the games, emphasizing the need for improvement in closing out games and free throws.

“We knew these were going to be intense games,” said Luverne head coach Richard Dorsey. “Especially the Varsity boys. They all know one another and most are friends. So, they were playing to win the area plus to have bragging rights and when we have games so close together, sometimes it is a challenge to keep the teams focused. Although the boys lost, we learned what we need to work on – closing out games better and our free throws.”

Highland Home junior Jakaleb Faulk made history during the game against Luverne by scoring his 1000th career point. Faulk ended the game with 14 points, earning praise from Highland Home School’s Athletic Director Adrian Daniels for his achievements both on and off the court.

“J.J.’s passion for football is well known,” Daniels said. “But, he also consistently demonstrates his prowess on the basketball court. JJ reached a significant milestone when he scored his 1,000th point but his talents are not limited to sports alone. He is an outstanding student who also consistently performs well academically, which is a testament to his dedication and hard work. As his Athletic Director, I feel proud to have such a talented and well-rounded student-athlete in our school.”

Brice Mackenzie, who scored 1,000 career points during a previous game against Pike Liberal Arts, was presented with a plaque and game ball during halftime.

The basketball action continued as the Luverne Tigers hosted the Brantley Bulldogs Saturday. Luverne Senior Dante Smith expressed confidence before the game.

“We got this game,” Smith said. “We just have to get our head in it.”

The Tiger teams emerged victorious, with the B-team winning 28-22, the Lady Tigers securing a 53-38 win and the Tiger varsity boys claiming a 40-27 victory. Omar Crumbley led the scoring against Brantley with 11 points, supported by Jaydin Harris with 10 points.

Brantley also faced Kinston on January 11, with the girls securing a 47-41 victory. Alex Grimes led the way with 20 points and ten rebounds. CoCo Stamps and Myia Mount also played key roles in the victory.

In the boys’ game against Kinston, Brantley emerged victorious with a score of 54-43, led by Jayden Parks with 34 points. showcasing his skills with six rebounds, five assists, and four steals. Dylan Davis contributed with ten points and 12 rebounds.

Looking ahead, Brantley is set to host Kinston on Jan. 19. Highland Home will travel Luverne on Jan. 19, while Luverne faces Goshen and Highland Home on Jan. 18-19, respectively.