Brantley FFA hosts farmers appreciation luncheon

Published 4:35 pm Wednesday, December 27, 2023

By Haley Mitchell Godwin

The Brantley High School FFA hosted its annual Farmers Appreciation Luncheon Dec. 7, honoring over 30 local farmers for their significant contributions to the local economy and culture, their hard work, and their dedication to sustaining the agricultural industry.

The event, held in the Brantley School Ag room, saw guests arriving just before noon and socializing as the finishing touches were being put on the meal. President of the Brantley FFA Kamryn Ramer welcomed attendees, expressing gratitude for the farmers’ tireless efforts and acknowledging their vital role in society.

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“We appreciate your hard work and determination and for providing food, other products, and jobs for our nation,” Ramer said.

The luncheon featured a heartfelt blessing of the meal by FFA member Gracie Lowe, followed by a spread of barbecue, rice, beans, coleslaw, potato salad, homemade pound cake and other sweets. Farmers had the opportunity to enjoy their meal while listening to FFA members share their personal connections to agriculture and express their appreciation for the farming community.

Ramer, rooted in a multigenerational farming family, spoke of her deep ties to the land, tracing her lineage back for centuries.

“Agriculture has always been a part of my life,” said Ramer. “I live on a multigenerational farm where my family has been farming the same dirt for hundreds of years. My grandparents, Edwin and Genese Mitchell, grew chickens with Wayne Farms for over 30 years and they were recently recognized as recipients of the Century and Heritage Farm Award by the Alabama Department of Agriculture. They still run a cattle operation and are hay producers. Although documents only go back to the early 1800s, my Native American ancestors were here long before, using the vast resources of what would come to be known as the Springhill Community, to live and thrive. ”

Other FFA members, including co-vice president Logan Taylor and Secretary Colton Searcy, also spoke about their ties to farming, underscoring the importance of agriculture in their lives.

Stallion Sasser, a farmer from Brantley who serves as county commissioner for district 4, looks forward to the yearly event and the fellowship with other farmers.

 “I can’t say enough positive things about Mark Andrews (FFA Adviser) and I want to thank him and the Brantley FFA officers and members for hosting the luncheon,” Sasser said. “I think all of the farmers really enjoyed the fellowship and the food and it is great to see that most of our kids do know about agriculture and how it affects our county. Mr Andrews taught me some years back and he continues to do an excellent job teaching our youth about agriculture. He is a leader in Crenshaw County agriculture and I hope he continues to play a role in the future of Crenshaw County students.”

The program featured presentations by FFA members, including the recitation of Paul Harvey’s “God Made a Farmer,” “A Farmer’s Prayer,” and more. The event concluded with a reading of lines from John Wesley’s “Thank a Farmer” by FFA co vice president Camdyn Legg.

“I still believe in amber waves of grain, man on his knees praying for rain that grew this country strong and keeps us moving on,” Legg said. “Oh, I think it’s time we all thank a farmer.”

The Brantley FFA Farmers Appreciation Luncheon serves as a meaningful tradition, bringing together the community to express gratitude and celebrate the hardworking individuals who contribute to the success of the local agricultural industry.