Crenshaw Animal Clinic Wonderful Winter Pet of the Season

Published 2:06 am Thursday, December 14, 2023

Throughout the final quarter of 2023, the Crenshaw Animal Clinic Pet of the Week has featured a delightful array of precious pets, all 13 having their unique charm and personality. From cuddly Bulldogs to playful Chorkies, and gentle Pitbulls to sassy Australian Shepherds, these furry contenders have captured the affection of readers from our community and beyond.

Now, readers can cast their votes online and decide which pet will claim the coveted title of “Crenshaw Animal Clinic Wonderful Winter Pet of the Season.” Voting will run until Dec.21, and the winner will receive a personalized prize package valued at $250.00, curated with a variety of pet-related goodies.

But the thrill doesn’t end there! Annually, the clinic selects a “Pet of the Year” where the stakes are higher, and the grand prize is nothing short of stellar. So, all you animal lovers, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming voting opportunities. Don’t forget to VOTE, SHARE, and LIKE for the cutest pets to grace your screens!

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Meet the charismatic contestants:
Aubie – The precious Basset Hound that now lives in Heaven.
Bella the Bulldog – A lover of snuggles and peanut butter who detests bad weather.
Blue – A gentle Pitbull described by his owners as the epitome of a family dog.
Diesel and Gracie – A dynamic duo, differing in size but not in heart.
Dixie – A resilient bulldog mix that triumphed over adversity.
Estelle – The “extra” Frenchton pup who is always ready for a ride.
Flash – The four-month-old Belgian Malinois, a true ball of excitement.
Freya – The funky feline known for her spunky personality.
Koye – The lovable GoldenDoodle with an affinity for playing catch.
Lady Lou – The Australian Shepherd who howls until she gets her way.
Rambunctious Ruby – A trampoline-loving 6-year-old Chorkie.
Seuss – The tuxedo cat with a Dr. Seuss-worthy personality.
Tito – A rescue pup and 9-year-old terrier mix that is now thriving in a loving home.

The voting for the Pet of the Season runs until Dec.21.  Remember, every vote counts in making one lucky pet the reigning champion!

Crenshaw Animal Clinic wishes everyone a happy and healthy festive season filled with love and laughter with their furry friends.