All good stories have a beginning

Published 1:59 pm Saturday, December 2, 2023

By Rev. Dunford Cole

Pastor of Camp Ground / Rutledge Methodist Church

Advent greetings! The light of Advent shines in the darkness. As we approach this season of celebrating Advent and the birth of our Savior, we see God’s plan of salvation which includes ordinary people like you and me. People who have faith allow Him to use them all to the glory of God! 

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This beautiful season has purpose, promise, and anticipation. Most of the world has already begun thinking about Christmas. Advent gives us the opportunity to slow down and celebrate the true meaning of the season. 

As we light candles over the next four weeks, Advent will help us to celebrate and catch the true spirit of this special time of year. Each Sunday in worship a candle will be lit; each one with its own unique theme. 

The first candle of Advent is the candle of Hope, which reminds us of the hope we have in God and that only He can bring us salvation to obtain everlasting life. The candle of Peace reminds us that only true peace comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ and trusting in His grace.

The third Sunday of Advent called Gaudete Sunday which means “Rejoice” is a  pink or rose-colored candle signifying unto us Joy, as we anticipate the coming of the Christ Child. The fourth Sunday of Advent comes with the last purple candle of Love, the “agape” or love of God for all mankind. We see this love in God as He pursued us by sending His Son as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. 

As we light the last candle on Christmas we see the completion of God’s plan and we are invited into a relationship with His only begotten Son. I pray you will take this time of year to seek out the Christ child and be ready to make room and receive Him with your heart.