Veterans Day with an eye upon Israel

Published 4:45 pm Saturday, November 11, 2023

An Editorial Opinion of The Luverne Journal

Recently, elected officials representing Alabama expressed their support for the nation of Israel in light of recent Hamas terrorist attacks. It seems timely, as communities prepare to celebrate veterans, that our representatives should declare a commitment, on our behalf, to supporting our worldwide neighbors in the battle to protect their own freedom.

Following an Oct. 7 attack on Israel, Governor Ivey first directed the flying of American flags at half-mast to honor those killed by terrorist bombs. One week later, Ivey announced that Alabama stood ready to purchase newly issued bonds in an effort to bolster Israel’s financial position while the Israelis defended themselves.

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Representatives Terri Sewell (AL-07) and Barry Moore (AL-02), voiced their support of Israel from both sides of the party line, condemning the Hamas attacks and declaring Israel’s right to defend itself.

On Veterans Day, Americans will honor those who signed up for a military career knowing that they might, and probably would, be called to risk their lives fighting for our freedom and defending the rights of other democratic nations. Active-duty men and women, whether full-time or in reserves, know they could be called to set boots on Israeli soil if the conflict there continues. Many retired service personnel already know what that looks and feels like, as do the family members they left behind while deployed.

At press time 1,400 Israeli people had been murdered in Hamas attacks. In addition, 5,550 were injured and 242 taken hostage, while approximately 9,000 missiles have been launched into Israel. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are engaged in close combat with Hamas terrorists and so far, the IDF has notified families of 332 fallen soldiers about their loved one’s loss of life.

But for the veterans we celebrate Tuesday, those numbers could have represented Americans killed, injured, or taken hostage. But for those still serving to stop terrorism before it spreads to our homeland, it will be American lives lost in the war against terrorism.

We wish to thank those who have served and the ones who currently serve to preserve American freedom. We recognize that we owe all we have and are and hope to be to your bravery. Thank you for answering the call.