Clark Kilcrease performs dangerous, rewarding service restoration

Published 7:19 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Brantley native Clark Kilcrease became an electrical lineman seven years ago and found his passion within his career.

Kilcrease said he chose to become a lineman because of the nature of the work, and throughout the years has found a niche in his trade that he favors the most.

“I became a lineman because it is unique, challenging, and exciting,” Kilcrease said. “My favorite part of being a lineman is working hurricane restoration work. Getting to help people who have been without electricity anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.”

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Kilcrease works as a journeyman lineman, which comes with its own set of dangers. In this position, a lineman act as a barehand transmission maintenance crew and work with 46kv and 115kv voltages.

In addition to performing hazardous work, Kilcrease said there are additional factors that can cause his career to prove difficult.

“The most difficult part is how physically taxing it can be during the heat and cold, rain, or storm,” Kilcrease acknowledged. “Not only that, but also staying alert and self-aware when working in these conditions because you are still dealing with an already hazardous job, but then in hazardous conditions.”

Kilcrease offered a message to anyone who may be thinking about becoming a lineman. 

“To anyone who is considering linework as a career, it isn’t easy,” Kilcrease said. “There are long hours away from your family, and even the easiest most routine work can be fatal. But it is rewarding work and you will always feel that what we do is important, essential, and the demand in the field is only growing so it will always be there.”