Bulldogs fall to the Panthers amongst team injuries

Published 3:34 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Brantley Bulldogs take a loss to the Georgiana Panthers 26-0 on Friday night, making it the fifth shutout in a row for the Panthers. The Bulldogs are now 3-4 in their season with three more games to go. 

Brantley’s head coach Ronald Jones said the team played hard being short handed as the quarterback is currently out, the back-up quarterback was injured Tuesday and six starters were not able to play.

“We have a bye week and should get everyone back for our last three region games,” Jones said. “Coach Bess has done a great job at Georgiana and got things headed back in the right direction. Maybe with our full team back in a couple weeks we can make a run in the playoffs.”

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Head coach Berry Bess said this win against Brantley will have a bigger effect on playoff match-ups. 

“The Brantley game is always a big game,” Bess said. “Playoff implications are dictated in the matchup. Our guys have been hungry so far this year and they are playing with a chip on their shoulders. Everyone wants to make a play within the game-plan. We love the level of intensity they are bringing into the game.”

The coach added that the Panther’s focus is not on their shutout streak, but on observing the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. 

“We aren’t focused on shutouts each week,” Bess said. “We study film, game plans and try to put our athletes in the best position to win. Our guys do a good job of watching film and discussing what the opponents like to do from each formation or set. We want to play sound football for each gap, and make gang tackles. We know if we do that, the scoreboard will take care of itself.”