Deputies apprehend Tennessee fugitive

Published 1:16 pm Sunday, October 8, 2023

The Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday deputies had apprehended a Tennessee fugitive on Oct. 4.

Around 9 p.m., officers tracked down Darrell Busbee who was wanted in Tennessee for SORNA (Sex Offender Registry and Notification Act) Violations.

“The Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office is on a mission to bring justice to our little corner of the world,” said Chief Deputy Thomas Strickland in an Oct. 5 media release. “Our deputies found Mr. Busbee hiding out on Morgan Mill Road, right here in south Crenshaw County.” 

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Instead of surrendering peacefully, Strickland said Busbee charged officers, who used tasers to force Busbee’s surrender.

“After the electrifying encounter, we safely placed Mr. Busbee under arrest,” Strickland wrote. 

According to the Sheriff’s investigator, Lt. Chris Stewart, Busbee was charged with two counts of SORNA violations – 2013 Code of Alabama 15-20A-14 – Adult sex offender – Requirements upon entering a state and 15-20A-10 – Adult sex offender – Registration with local law enforcement, residence restrictions – both Class C felonies.

“I charged him with a felony charge for failing to register upon entering the state and failing to register with local law enforcement,” Stewart said. “The warrant out of Tennessee was for absconding.”

Strickland assured local residents the Sheriff’s Office was working for the safety of the county’s communities.

“We’re here to keep our community safe, one taser at a time,” he said.