CCA presents homecoming win to alumni, fans

Published 1:59 pm Saturday, October 7, 2023

Crenshaw Christian Academy (CCA) hosted Coosa Valley Friday for homecoming, and soundly defeated the Rebels 56-6.

Coosa Valley kicked off to the Cougars, who took charges early in the first quarter, completing a pass for the first touchdown. A successful two-point conversion placed CCA on the board, before another first-quarter pass completion widened CCA’s lead to 14-0 and a rushing touchdown furthered the Cougars advantage, closing the first quarter at 22-0 in CCA’s favor.

Head coach Brandon Burleson said the Cougars came ready, mentally prepared for a homecoming win.

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“We expected a physical game,” Burleson said. “We knew we had to be mentally prepared. It’s always a big hurdle and football coaches worry about their homecoming week, making sure that we’re prepared on the mental as well as the physical side. We always want a good game and hope to put on a good show for the fans and alumni coming back to support the season.”

In the second quarter, a pass completion placed touchdown points on the board. Two rushing touchdowns sandwiched around another pass completion advanced the Cougars lead, closing the second quarter at 44-0.

Burleson said Coosa Valley brought a good team to Cougar Stadium, one will a great offense and a quarterback who is a dual threat.

“The Coosa quarterback likes to run the ball, more so than some others,” Burleson said. “They like to try to get the ball to end space, so there’s a lot of quick passing game and quarterback run.”

Coosa Valley received the ball in the second half but could not score. The Cougars completed a rushing touchdown but failed the two-point conversion, ending the third quarter at 50-0.

As the fourth quarter began, CCA orchestrated a rushing touchdown. The Rebels finally completed a passing touchdown but failed the two-point conversion. It would be the only points the Rebels managed during the game.

Burleson said the Cougars faced a challenging beginning to the season, sustaining injuries during the last few weeks.

“We went through some injuries in the last few weeks and finally started getting everyone back last week,” he explained. “And it really showed up on the defensive side of the ball, now that we have got people back and in their correct positions. It made a huge difference in the shutout [against Macon-East] and we looked for the same [at homecoming] – a total defensive effort across the D-line setting the tone.”

Fans may have noticed the Cougars do now linger on the field for post-game prayer and debriefing. Burleson said the shift is intentional and designed to allow the team to pray, debrief and then celebrate with fans.

“We shake hands [with the opponents],” Burleson said. “Then we get to the locker room to talk and I release them. It lets us have a quick chat, to finish up as a team and say our prayer, then go back outside and take pictures with parents.”

The Cougars host Southern Academy at home on Oct. 13.